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I guess I'm starting a sort of dress diary about my current project over here. I am trying for once to fit a themed event, and not incidentally, dress like my SCA persona for the first time ever (sad, I know!).

Due to time and money constraints, I am doing parts of two different projects--a doublet from my favorite portrait of Isabel de Valois and a near-replica of a Spanish jerkin in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Eventually I'd like to make the entire Valois outfit, but I don't think it's happening by December.

Also some questions about beads/embroidery and some thoughts on a Spanish man's outfit from a portrait of Don Gabriel de la Cueva there.

(No actually pictures of fabric or project yet--next update!).


Jul. 31st, 2010 01:12 am
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I am going to Pennsic War! Is anybody else going? Actually I'm leaving um, later this morning, after sleep and loading of car, but I will be checking internet at least once before Friday, so I would love to hear about any other DW people coming!

(I will be at Settmore Swamp, building a tower.)

...The reason I put off making this post until the absolute last minute is that I knew I said I'd post photos of me in the wedding garb, and I kept putting that off.

I didn't get the doublet/binder or panes done, and not as much embroidery and trim as I wanted (that will be worked on at Pennsic) but overall it came out quite well, if not nearly as impressive as most of the rest of the wedding party. :D

I forget to get any pictures of me with my camera, and since I haven't asked consent to post anybody else in the official wedding pictures, you get two random shots of me on the dance floor from somebody else's camera.

Two mid-sized pictures of me in men's court garb from 'The Tudor Tailor' )
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I'm going to be in an SCA wedding this summer (in about a month, so I really need to get moving!)

It's Tudor-ish, and since I'm a groomsman, I'm doing male garb, and since I'm not male, that means crossdressing. Which is yay, because crossdresing is fun. It also means the first time I've really worked with male period clothing beyond the very basics. I was given patterns from the book "The Tudor Tailor" (on which I now have Opinions), and I started with basic shirt and basic hosen. Since I decided to do them entirely hand-sewn, they're all I have so far - I'll be adding a green velvet and gold slashed jerkin, panes and a hat, and if I have time, a doublet and a bonnet.

Pictures of the shirt and hosen )

And now, a question I would like to put to the community: does anyone know of any SCA or period in general resources for crossplay/crossdressing, and specifically, for period-or-close-enough breast binders?

As the photos show, I don't need much, and if I fit the jerkin right I may not need anything, but I would like to be able to take the jerkin off and still more-or-less pass, and currently, that only works from a distance.

I found a muslin/linen binder pattern for Civil War re-enactors (by going on an adventure through the wayback machine, or I would link) but that's all I've found. If I don't find anything better I might try making a modified version of that one, but I was honestly quite surprised that I couldn't find anything SCA-ish on the topic when I looked online.

...I am also thinking of getting my hair cut in a period men's style (I've been thinking of getting it short anyway for the summer, so why not?) but another thing I was surprised to not find was resources for period men's hairstyles. Any advice or resources, or should I just start looking for hatless portraits?


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