Nov. 10th, 2010

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I guess I'm starting a sort of dress diary about my current project over here. I am trying for once to fit a themed event, and not incidentally, dress like my SCA persona for the first time ever (sad, I know!).

Due to time and money constraints, I am doing parts of two different projects--a doublet from my favorite portrait of Isabel de Valois and a near-replica of a Spanish jerkin in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Eventually I'd like to make the entire Valois outfit, but I don't think it's happening by December.

Also some questions about beads/embroidery and some thoughts on a Spanish man's outfit from a portrait of Don Gabriel de la Cueva there.

(No actually pictures of fabric or project yet--next update!).
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So, I was thinking it would be nice for the historical costuming/general costuming folks on Dreamwidth to get to know each other better! We still seem to be pretty scattered, and I know I personally would love to read more people who are writing about historical clothing research and projects or crafts in general.

Here are some suggestions for what to fill out, but they're just a guideline. Feel free to write whatever you think will help you find new DW friends!

Where I wear my historical clothes:
Favorite time periods to costume:
Favorite thing about costuming:
Least favorite thing about costuming:
Other types of costuming (e.g. steampunk, cosplay, SF/fantasy, silly):
Other crafts/interests:
Some posts to get an idea of my style:
Anything else:

Since not everyone who does historical/history-inspired costuming in DW is in the community, please feel free to link this post so it can reach a wider audience. Although [community profile] sca_attire is focused primarily on clothing from c. 500-1650 AD, this meme is for anyone who does historical or historical-fantasy costuming, whether that be Age of Sail, steampunk, WWI, or Temeraire cosplay.

Historical Costuming Friending Meme!

Thumbnail images of people wearing clothing from different historical times and places
Viking, Heian Japan, Tudor, Victorian, Age of Sail, or Steampunk--come meet other historical and historical-fantasy costumers!


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