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Name:SCA Attire - Historical Clothing and Accessories
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Community description:Historical clothing and accessories for the SCA and other pre-17th century reenactment groups.
Because a garb is a sheaf of wheat. (But seriously, you can call it garb or clothing or attire, whatever.)

This community is for discussion of historical clothing and accessory projects, mostly focusing on "SCA period" (c. 500-1600 CE), from anywhere in the world, but we are flexible about dates. Post questions, dress diaries, resources, pattern and book reviews, whatever.

You don't have to be in the SCA to join--members of other groups and Renaissance festival patrons and people wanting to make historical costumes for Halloween or theatre are all welcome. Please keep in mind that not everyone will have the same commitment to historical authenticity, but this is also not really the place for pure fantasy costumes.

This is analogous to, but NOT affiliated with, the SCA_garb community on Livejournal.


1. Be polite.

2. Stay on-topic.

3. Ads are permitted; however, they should be for items you have made yourself (e.g., not items you paid someone in India to make) and should be limited to one per week. This policy may be subject to change if it doesn't work out.
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