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I am working on a Sekrit Project (more details later, I am sure!). Phase I involves collecting images of women's clothing in England, c. 1490-1630 (I'm keeping track of a few other paintings I especially like--Spanish and Italian--too, but not actively looking for those right now).

What I have so far is in this post. I'm looking for all social classes, but mostly aimed at upper middle class to nobility. While I've got some portraits of Elizabeth I in there, I'm more interested in gowns that would be, uh, more practical to make, e.g. not covered in solid beadwork that would make my eyes cross to figure out the pattern (embroidery is okay, for purposes of my Cunning Plan) and not made out of impossible-to-find-or-imitate-in-miniature fabric.

Right now I have some gaps in portraiture where I couldn't think of any (or many) favorites readily:


Do you guys have any favorite portraits from those decades in England? Or favorites from other decades I haven't included in that post?
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If anyone knew of someplace I could find a higher resolution image of this painting: http://realmofvenus.renaissanceitaly.net/wardrobe/Lady1535.JPG

I would seriously owe them a debt of gratitude...

(I'm trying to figure out how the dress actually works before I put it on my list of maybe projects.)
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What are some of your favorite portraits*, the ones you would love to recreate if time, money, and skill were no object--or the ones you have recreated, or are working on recreating right now?

*Or extant garments. :)

Do you have a favorite site for browsing portraits or other period artwork?

Some of my dream clothes, with images, all 14th-16th century Europe this time - LONG )

Mostly I browse Wikimedia Commons for portraits and art, although it can be overwhelming. It has the advantage of having stuff from a lot of different countries and times. Tudor and Elizabethan Portraits is pretty good for 16th century (and not all English), although much less comprehensive.

Post your favorites in the comments--images or links--and tell us why you love them!


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