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I guess I'm starting a sort of dress diary about my current project over here. I am trying for once to fit a themed event, and not incidentally, dress like my SCA persona for the first time ever (sad, I know!).

Due to time and money constraints, I am doing parts of two different projects--a doublet from my favorite portrait of Isabel de Valois and a near-replica of a Spanish jerkin in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Eventually I'd like to make the entire Valois outfit, but I don't think it's happening by December.

Also some questions about beads/embroidery and some thoughts on a Spanish man's outfit from a portrait of Don Gabriel de la Cueva there.

(No actually pictures of fabric or project yet--next update!).
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The moderator of the [livejournal.com profile] dressdiaries community on LJ has set up a sister community on Dreamwidth: [community profile] dressdiaries. Nothing there yet, but hopefully it becomes as active and fun a community as the LJ community has been.

[community profile] dressdiaries is

a community for seamstresses and tailors, costume and fashion nuts and other sewing people to post dress diaries - accounts or journals of their triumphs and struggles on sewing projects. Historic costume, modern fashion and fantasy projects are all welcome!
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So I'm still enjoying piling hurt on myself, and I've decided that what I need to do to get motivated about the green monstrosity is add another layer of complexity. To that end I am looking for some good instructions to draft a doublet-esque style bodice (such as this portrait of Maria de Medici by Allori). I don't want to use a commercial pattern, but am rather trying to figure out how to do it on my own.

Thanks ahead of time.
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Is now up in my journal. You can find it at: http://alessandra-da-firenze.dreamwidth.org/3402.html

I also got a notice that Amazon shipped my copy of Moda a Firenze today, so I may have it Friday, which would be the most awesome thing ever.

(If people would prefer I cross-post than leave links, let me know. I'm just trying to save bandwidth.)
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(This is crossposted from my personal journal, but in the future I'll just be linking!)

I've been inspired by the burial dress of Eleanora di Toledo, although I won't be sticking strictly to it (I like my side lacing, for one thing).

fabric pr0n below the fold )
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I was thinking about what I wanted to contribute to Three Weeks for DW, and wandering around this community, and I had a pretty brilliant idea! I have 12 yards of green silk (dupioni) that really wants to be a nice summery Florentine gown, and this here alternate journal (I'm normally [personal profile] princess) in which to chronicle the making of such a gown!

I've checked with our mod, and she says it's cool if I cross-post/link my entries, so I wanted to let everyone know that in just a few days you can, if you like, follow with me as I create a very green dress.

(There may be auxiliary Dress Diary as I help a friend create her first Florentine as well...)


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