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I am apparently going to Pennsic War (again) this year, which means the pile of SCA-related sewing has suddenly gone from "Someday" to "by August". :D

For accountability/advice, here's my garb-related to-do list for Pennsic (no, I don't actually think I'll get all of this done, but if I cheat a lot, I might manage most of it.)

1. Fix the shoulders/neckline on the Tudor linen shirt from last year, per. [personal profile] holyschist's revelation in this old post. Done! Immense improvement in wear. Now to figure out where the pink stain came from...
2. Fix the hook&eye fasteners on the shirt, leggings, jacket & singlet (possibly replace with something other than hook and eye?) Victory at last!
3. Do *something* about the waistline on the leggings, after figuring out what is wrong with it. what is wrong is that the pattern was designed for someone with much less booty than I. Cannot fix it completely, but have added some darts in the back to help the curve, and having a doublet will also help.

4. Finish the 6 feet of Celtic key embroidered trim for the plaid bog dress/peplos.
5. Sew on the trim; hem the non-selvedge edges
6. Figure out what I'm doing for fibulae (Any advice? I'd prefer not to go with penannulars; possibly I will end up with old diaper pins; period authenticity is not strong with this one.) Solved! And I feel very clever.

7. Cut pieces, and preferably sew, the green linen Tudor jerkin/doublet thing I meant to have finished last year.
8. Turn the green linen I bought last year into a basic, timeless kirtle/cotehardie/undershift/long tunic/peasant dress type thing. (I am looking at a combination of Tunic Type 2 from Marc Carlson's pages and the rectangular-construction pattern at the medieval tailor - does anyone have any suggestions/advice/better online patterns to send me to? I quite like rectangular construction and am okay with lots of handstitching (though am obviously on something of a time crunch now, and need something where I can fudge if I'm a bit short of cloth.) Needs finishing work, but is definitely a dress now!
9. Turn half of the green block-printed cotton into a (timeless) sleeveless surcoat/apron dress/overdress/gown type thing? (only if there is a ton of time). Needs finishing work, but pieces cut, and I know exactly what needs done.

10. Do something to the waistbands on the (storebought) linen skirts with the dead elastic.

(added) 12. Sew linen coif
13. Cut, possibly hem, linen headwrap
14. Check linen/canvas prices at local stores to check against Pennsic prices Done.
15. Make/finish bag
16. Cut piece for apron

11. Check everything else out. Find the missing things (especially the Afghan shirt.) Still did not find missing shirt, but the rest is good.
12. Research period embroidery to work on at Pennsic to embellish the above.

TOTALLY doable, right? It's not like any of that's particularly ambitious. And this community will help keep me accountable.

(we'll not mention the recipe tests I'd also like to do in advance)....
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