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Welcome to [community profile] sca_attire. At present we have one moderator, [personal profile] holyschist.

This community is for discussion of historical clothing and accessory projects, mostly focusing on "SCA period" (c. 500-1600 CE), from anywhere in the world. There's no official early cutoff, so if it's earlier and not completely made up, post away. Up to mid-17th century is fine, too.

Despite the name of the community, you do not have to be in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Members of other reenactment groups and Renaissance festival patrons and people wanting to make historical costumes for Halloween or theatre and people who just like learning about historical clothing are all welcome! All levels of sewing knowledge are welcome, and everyone from hard-core reenactor to casual Halloween costumers is as well.

Please keep in mind that not everyone will have the same commitment to historical authenticity, but this is also not really the place for pure fantasy costumes. It's totally okay if you want to make stage or Halloween costumes, or wenchwear for the Faire! This can be flexible, so if you're not sure, ask [personal profile] holyschist.

Ideas for Things to Post:

  • Questions about historical clothing and accessories

  • Resources and sewing tips

  • Dress/project diaries

  • Pattern and book reviews

  • Discussion questions related to historical costuming

  • Ads for items you have made yourself or used clothing/costume books/supplies/etc. (not more than once per week)

  • Other stuff related to historical clothing


1. Do I have to be an SCA member to hang out here?

No. Anyone with an interest in historical costuming is welcome.

2. Do I need to be really into authenticity and research?

No. Whatever level of authenticity makes you happy, as long as you're making historically-based clothing. If you're asking a question, it's a good idea to specify your personal approach to authenticity--you'll get more helpful answers if people know what you want to do.

3. Is this community just for European medieval and Renaissance clothing?

No. Historical clothing from anywhere in the world is welcome.

4. I have something for sale. Can I post an ad?

If you have made an article of clothing or an accessory or a supply (such as hand-dyed yarn) yourself, yes. If it's a costume book, used historical clothing, or miscellaneous leftover fabric/supplies, yes. However, if your business is selling trim or books or supplies, no.

Please limit ads to no more than one post per week.


There will be periodic resource posts for people to suggest useful resources on a topic, e.g. 16th century Italy. If you don't see a post linked here for what you're interested in, please feel free to start one! Please try to be specific to a century/period and culture if you're starting a new post (e.g. "Ottoman Turkey", not "Middle Eastern").

Ottoman Turkey, 1500-1700

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